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Cost Calculator

for Mobile App Development

The amount of work required to create a good mobile app is often underestimated. This leads to stress, missed deadlines, poor quality and ultimately to unhappy users.

This calculator provides an estimate of the costs (design, realization and deployment) of a custom app.

  • Position x 2 6000.-


Development costs for the different platforms are comparable. Choosing two platforms therefore doubles the costs.


The cost is directly related to the quality. Highly successful apps are often of a high quality.

Number of screens

The number of different views is a good indicator for the total app size and is used as base value for calculation. Example: An app with an overview, a list view and a detail view would require 3 screens. A typical value for an average app would be 10.

Custom controls

Using the system-provided controls is the easiest way. Apps that don't exactly follow the platform's design standards require custom controls.

Device types

Screen orientation modes


If your app handles sensitive information, all aspects of your app are influenced by security considerations.

Supported OS versions

Supporting more OS versions increases the potential user base but increases the costs for development and maintenance.

Number of languages/regions


Special functionality


Maps & navigation

Data & communication

Photo, video and graphics