Andreas Ley

iPhone & iPad App Developer
+41 79 850 64 56

I believe that good software makes this world a better place and I want to contribute to that. If you share this ambition, I would love to work on a project with you.

  • My name is Andreas Ley
  • Professional designer and software developer
  • I'm interested in the big picture while paying attention to details
  • I have no diploma, but lots of ideas and experience
  • I am available to work on projects
  • I have profiles on Xing and StackOverflow

My CV in german

Knowledge & Skills

  • Listening & understanding ●●●●●
  • Explain complex things plainly●●●●●
  • Usability ●●●●●
Technologies & Software
  • iOS (Xcode, Swift, Obj-C, …) ●●●●●
  • Java (IntelliJ, div. Frameworks) ●●●○○
  • .NET (VS, C# 4.0, WinForms, …) ●●●○○
  • JavaScript, PHP ●●●○○
  • HTML, CSS ●●●●●
  • XML, JSON ●●●●
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, … ●●●○○
  • HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, … ●●●○○
  • TCP, BGP ●●○○○
  • Various tools for editing graphics and audio/video●●●●●
  • German ●●●●●
  • English ●●●●

Strengths / Weaknesses

Unconventional education

Everything I know about design and software development I have learned while working on projects. I prefer a forthright, hands-on approach.


Concept, graphics design and coding interest me equally. I know a lot about a lot of things, but I'm not specialized on anything.


Sometimes compromises are a necessity. However, I struggle to accept a solution that, in my opinion, is worse than the alternative.

Curiosity, openness and skepticism

I question everything – even your project and my abilities.
That can be challenging, but is usually a chance to find the right answers.

I'm just one person

You'll always communicate directly with me and all work will be up to my quality standards. The number of projects I can work on is limited and there is a certain risk.

What's important to me

Transparency and honesty

Intents and processes should be transparent to enable straightforward and productive work. I try to be as open as possible and expect the same from everyone I work with.


Good software improves the life of its users. If nobody uses a product, it has no value.


Quality always pays off in the long run – both for the user and the developer(s). An app doesn't have to do everything, but should do one thing well.


Good ideas, concepts and components should be shared because everyone profits from that.